This is a thunderstorm on a radar.

Severe Thunderstorms

A sever thunderstorm is a larger thunderstorm that has hail(1 inch in dynamiter). Thunderstorms could cause tornados. Also causes lightning and thunder.

This is lightning striking the ground from a severe thunderstorm.

How Are Severe Thunderstorms Made?

  • Convection and Conduction
  • Low pressure(Cloudy)
  • Any front(A zone where to air masses are)
  • Humid, 75*F out.
This is how a severe thunderstorm starts.

Fort Worth, Texas, May 5, 1995

The Thunderstorm caused up to 100 injuries, no deaths. The reason people got injured was from outdoors, When the softball size hail hit them(Larger than 12 inches in dynamiter). The finals cost of all of the storm weather was 2 billion dollars. Winds were 90 mph

East coast united states, November, 2002

This storm had hail up to baseball size(9.25 inches in dynamiter). The storm had damaging winds up to 70 mph. The storm caused up to 91 tornadoes. Injuries not found or deaths. No money found.

What do we do to prepare for storms?

What we have done to make us more safe in a thunderstorm we have made houses more sturdy so the winds don’t take it down. Another thing is we build houses out of different materials sometimes unlike wood so the lightning doesn't. Make sure not to stay in water. Stay 15 feet away from others.

Do not have any metel with you when there is a thunderstorm.

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