Association for Pet Obesity Prevention

Our goal is to work together and collect data of all the obese pets in the U.S. and create a solution that will decrease these numbers in the long run. We want to get reliable information and data out to the nation.

Help prevent your beloved pets from becoming this unhappy; yes he is unhappy, it's not just his face.

Reaching Out: We reach our paws out to all the pet owners in the nation. In 2012, 62% of U.S. households owned at least one pet and at least 50% of the dog/cat population is overweight

Fluffy would like to catch a mouse. But his legs will be crushed by his weight. He is obviously very unhappy with himself and his owner.

Benefits: You receive more information on how to provide your your pet with a healthy lifestyle. The feeling of satisfaction in knowing that your pet will live a longer life while being in good proportion. Virtual weight loss tools are available to better assist your process to stabilize your pet’s weight. Be a part of every Annual Pet Obesity Awareness Day survey that will be used to better conduct the study of the number of obese pets and its prevention

Operation: Pet owners who are devoted to their pet’s long life will participate in a yearly survey and fill out a chart. This information is then compiled and used to create data and results on the progress of the road to less obese and overweight pets

Since Max's owner started bringing him to the gym he's lost all of the excess weight and is now training for his competition this weekend.

Problems: Uninformed pet owners lead to improper diet, exercise, and care of their pets. In result, their pet will suffer from obesity/long term effects that will shorten their lifespan.

Success: The charts provided on our website will prove that our study and methods do indeed work, and proves that people are actively participating in the programs available.

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