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The depth in which Feltron analyzes even the most simple aspects of daily life is diligent  and astonishingly unique. Feltron picks fairly simple data to record however, on the large scale of a year, the quantity becomes quite unbelievable. He picks some things that a person would have a hard time keeping track of for even a day such as conversations and communications to how he spends his time spent split between work and play. The recording of every hour or every word in a year is amazing data that can be used to analyze the patterns and behaviors of humans.

Feltrons data in the year 2007 is truly remarkable because of how many different data points he keeps track of. He notes how many songs on iTunes he listens to, how many miles he flew and drove, how much time he spent walking, how many photos he took and many many more statistics. Its hard to imagine with this much data how he could record all of this and still have time to actually live. His data breaks down human decisions into something that can be analyzed and used to quantify his human characteristics which is an unbelievable accomplishment.  

I also find his 2013 data about communication very fascinating because of his ability to record every conversation he has. This is very impressive because there are so many different ways to communicate such as written, spoken, face to face, and electronically and he managed to record everything. I think data is important as well because if he were to do this over several years it would be a very interesting way to show how writing and communication is changing as the world becomes more and more digitalized.

I think a yearly report that would be interesting for me to write would be about food. Counting the exact number of calories, carbohydrates, sugars, and protein per year and analyze it in different ways. I personally count most of this data on a daily basis anyway so it would be especially interesting to make an infographic about it and see how the information shapes up visually. I could count how my calories breakdown between breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks and then analyze how the data changes at different times of the year. I could also keep track of what types of food I have such as Italian or Mexican as well as home cooked or eating out. Additionally this could be used to record how my weight changes of the course of a year based on taking my exact weight every day. I think this would be a very interesting topic that would open peoples eyes to how they eat and how they could improve their health moving forward.

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3 years ago

I wonder if keeping track of the numbers also improves one's ability to have clearer memories of one's own record, perhaps enhancing the ability to self-analyze more accurately in real time. It would seem like it would sharpen one's skills, but perhaps the data might feel like a deluge and one might come to rely on it rather than trying to approximate it in your head. And I wonder if a more global approach to tracking food (say, giving a qualitative account of what you ate into a recording device) would have the same impact as "running the numberes."