Part 1: Population

1: Out of Iraq, Turkey, and Syria, Syria has the smallest population out of the countries.

2: Syria's graph that in the future we will have over 100% of the population we have now.

3: With the growing population, each person will have less and less water and the accessibility will dwindle.

4: The change in the regions population can effect individual countries because every country will need more water which could lead to more arguments over water.

Part 2: Water Availability and Use

1: Syria uses less water than they have, therefore there is water left over.

2: Over half of the water Syria receives is External, the amount of internal water is very little compared to external.

3: Syria take out more water than they have on the inside, so the rely on the water more on the outside

Part 3: Water Needs

1: Agriculture gets 97% of the water while industries get 1% and domestic use is only 2%. Syria should even out the water usage more between each one, especially domestic use because people need water to live for bathing, drinking, cooking, cleaning, etc,.

2: Syria wastes most of their water on farming and agriculture.

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