Tang Dynasty

The Tang Dynasty existed from around 618 A.D to 907 A.D.  and was located in China. Much of the Japenese and Korean culture was borrowed from the Chinese during the Tang Dynasty like:

  • Buddhism
  • Writing System               
  • Confucianism-'5 relationships"
  • respect for nature

The Tang Dynasty was centered in Chang'an, a city established by the Han Dynasty.Some of the kingdoms that had to pay tribute to the Tang Dynasty included Kashmir, Nepal, Khotan, Kucha, Kashgar, Japan, Korea, Champa, and kingdoms located in Amu Darya and Syr Darya valley.  

Silk Road - Helped the dynasty extend westward.
-Connected China with western cultures (Muslim and Byzantine Empires)

Contributions to our Society:
-Spinning wheel
-Block Printing
-Mechanical Clock

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