Sui, Tang, Song Dynasties

   (589-618)                             (618-907)                     (907-960)

Sui- The capitol of the Sui dynasty was Luoyang. This dynasty was lead by three emperors main; Wendi, Yangdi, and Gongdi. They did not have many achievements although they did build the Grand Canal. For more information on the Sui dynasty, CLICK HERE.

Tang- The capitol of the Tang Dynasty was Chang'an. Some of the emperors were Taizong, Wu Zhao, and Zuanzong. This dynasty expanded the civil service, spread Buddhism, had paper money, and they also had gun powder. For more information of the Tang Dynasty, CLICK HERE.

Song- The capitol of the Song Dynasty was Kaifeng and they had a centralized government. They had a lot of leaders but non were very influential. They did have a leader Song Renzong whose leadership was the turning point of the Song Dynasty.One thing that this dynasty did have was good poetry. For more information on the Song Dynasty, CLICK HERE.

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