My Notes for Business

market research

Market Research is the act of obtaining research via various methods that I will outline on this Tackk.

Primary and Secondary research

Primary research is research which is collected by yourself but requires more work than secondary research which is when the info is already found out for you and you just need to replicate it.

Comment Stream

3 years ago

Your work shows some real positives…

Grasp of note-taking
Good use of images

In terms of Literacy and Presentation, your work is as follows…

Spelling - Excellent
Punctuation - Excellent
Grammar - Excellent
Use of quotations - N/A
Understanding of topic - Satisfactory
Application (real life / news / examples) - Poor
Analysis (detailed explanation / how / why) - Satisfactory
Evaluation (pros and cons weighed up and concluded) - N/A
Presentation (use of images / layout / style) - Good

Your work might be even better if…

Completed missing terms (see edmodo for examples)
Use of real life Business example


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