Rob Pepper's tackky business

The first item that could be of great use is the 'Talking Tom and Ben News' app. It seems fun and interactive. Really a different way of learning for K-12. It mixes things up and keeps the students interested in the material, as the two news anchors discuss related topics of politics or whatever the class may be. It is two cartoon journalists that can be used for a goofy and entertaining interjection.

The second one I have found is the 'Shmuppet - The Virtual Puppet' application. It is hilarious. It reminds of of Ed the Sock from MTV. If he can be utilized in such a way to teach a portion of the War of 1812, what student could possibly forget those facts? Awesome.

The third one I found is the 'audioboo' that allows the user to develop an audio take on a specific subject or topic. If students are given a few different ways to achieve an assignment, this could be one of those options.

The fourth one I found is the 'Narratavius Story Engine - Interactive Fiction and Text Adventures'. Certain homework assignments can be emailed to students for them to view one of these interactive adventures previously constructed by the teacher. It could be used as supplementary work the night before a class, to describe foundational premises of a new theory or argument.

The fifth one I found is the 'videolicious'. The user can make videos by just talking and tapping. This makes it easy for students to create interactive videos for group projects, as only one person needs to have a mobile device, and chances are that will occur.

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