The religion of Islam, whose followers are called Muslims, emerged in the Arabian Peninsula. This is a monotheistic religion.

Founder: The founder of this religion is Muhammad who was born in the oasis town of Mecca around A.D. 570.

Holy Book: The Jewish and Christian scriptures is called the Qumran this the sacred text of Islam, teaches that God is all-powerful and compassionate.

Leader: This religion only consist of one leader which is a person called a Caliph, who is a successor to Muhammad as a political and religious leader of the Muslims.

Subgroups: there are 2 subgroups that the Muslims split in to one is called Sunnis who believe inspiration comes from the example of Muhammad. The other group is called Shi'a who believe true successors are the descendants of Ali and Muhammad's daughter.

Basic Beliefs: There are beginner  rules Islamic  people must follow actually there are 5 of these rules that are called the five pillars 1. Declaration of faith, 2. Daily prayer, 3. alms for the poor, 4. Fast during Ramadan, 5. Hajj.

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