Point: The point is in the center, where all the slices meet.
Lines: The sliced fruit
Color: The different types of fruit create a variety of color.
Value: Bananas come in all different shades of light vs. dark.
Shape: Starfruit comes in the shape of a star.
Form: The 2D image suggests the round 3D shape of the grapes.
Space: There's space between all the fruits
Texture: The surface of the berries almost looks real.
Balance: The lemon slice is symmetrical creating balance.
Emphasis: The few blueberries and raspberries draw attention to themselves in a pile of blackberries.
Contrast: Difference in color between the red apples and the green ones.
Rhythm: The different colored plums creates random rhythm.
Proportion: The proportions of all these kabobs are all equal.
Unity: All the seeds in this pomegranate create a sense of unity.
Economy: The picture is just simply a sliced papaya. Very "less is more".
Asymmetry: Although they are both halves of an avocado, one side has the seed and another doesn't.
Aesthetic: The vibrant colors and clean lines make this watermelon aesthetically pleasing.
Symbolism: Still-life portraits of fruit used to symbolize how you're here one day and gone the next.
Symmetry: This strawberry is symmetrical.
Variety: There are various types of apples.

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