The Pueblo Tribe

By: Gavyn Portis

Here is just some of there clothing made from animal skins and cotton

This is what the Pueblo lived in made from clay and other materials on cliff sides

The Pueblo like to eat a lot of corn, grain,s and squash .

Fun facts on the Pueblo tribe

"pueblo" comes from the Spanish word "town". Spanish explorer.

These Southwest Native Americans make beautiful silver and turquoise jewelry, especially necklaces.

The Pueblo tribes, although closely related, do not all speak the same traditional language. However today most do speak English

Fun facts on pueblo houses

The Pueblos Indians lived in multi-story houses made out of adobe (baked bricks composed of clay and straw) and stone.

Many Pueblo Indians still live in pueblos that have been occupied by their people for hundreds of years.

Fun facts on Pueblo clothing

Traditionally Pueblo men wore only wore breech cloths and moccasins made out of deerskin on their feet

Traditionally Pueblo women wore cotton dresses that went down to the knee called mantas. These dresses fastened at the right shoulder leaving the left shoulder bare. Like Pueblo men they also wore deerskin moccasins on their feet.

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