The Battle against HIV/AIDS

Volume 1, Issue 1


Getting rid of STD's is not this easy...

T-Cell Count: 4  *Warning: T-Cell count Low*
Herputron: 34
Chlamydia Empire: 52
Human immunodeficientron V: 115

John Doe's Battle with AIDS

John Doe a 19 year old male, has been interviewed upon his recent discovery of contracting AIDS. He did not find out until he got one of his routinely check ups. The doctor has told him his T-Cell count was too low and unhealthy for a young man. They decided to give him an HIV antibody test. Appalled by such a rash conclusion he found it unnecessary at first. But the doctors insisted for his sake. John Doe gave in and took the test, and came out positive. Over time of John carrying the HIV virus, his T-Cell count has decreased. T-Cells in your body serve as white blood cells, they get rid of foreign object in the body. When a carrier of HIV gets a low enough T-Cell count, he/she is considered to have AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). All John can recall to is his Senior Prom, last year. That is the last time he had sex, but he wore protection. But how might he have obtained the disease? The solution was that he obtained it through having contact with the carrier's saliva. He must have not thought about the consequences. "I just thought it was another party, and since it was Senior prom, I wanted to have some fun, so I did. I thought I was invincible that night. I was wrong..." John Doe said to our interviewer, Jane Doe.

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