The mystery of the stolen paintbrush

By Dylan J and Alden B

The Crime

"Whew Its burning up!" At five o` clock Andrew and Marshal were at the Eiffel Tower touring France. Marshal`s phone rang and the caller ID said Bill.

"Hello?" said Marshal. Bill talked on the other end frantically. Marshal hung up. "The paintbrush was stolen!"

"Which paint brush?"

"Leonardo da Vinci`s. The owner called and said that it was stolen and he needed our help."

"Lets do this." This was what happened...

On Friday at nine o' clock in the Louvre museum the very paint brush that painted the Mona Lisa was stolen by someone in the museum. It is worth over one million dollars. There were no finger prints on the case after it was stolen. It still felt as smooth as it normally was. It was in a solid glass case locked in front of the Mona Lisa. There were not any known people in the museum but the guards. The case was not broken when found. The only known keys for that display were in one of the guard`s possession. The person activating the cameras was asleep.

The Puzzling Question

Who stole Leonardo da Vinci`s paintbrush?

Meet the Detectives

I am Andrew Alden. I went to the University of Alabama. I have in a PhD in engineering. I became a detective five years ago. When I heard about the crime I came right away and investigated.

My name Marshal Jackson. I went to the University of Alabama like Andrew. I majored in engineering and architecture. I was recruited by the police because I could determine the ways the suspect got into the crime scene. I heard about this case and knew I had to help out. I believe we can solve this mystery.

Suspect # 1
James Amando

I went to the University of Birmingham. I'm as energetic as a kid after drinking Mello Yello. I like to talk (obviously). I am not timid and very out going. I have a girlfriend I want to propose to with a special paintbrush even if it is old and brittle.

MOTIVE-I would only steal it to propose to my girlfriend.

ALIBI-We were at the Louvre at ten o' clock when we passed by the case and it was gone. I was the one wanting to steal it but some one already stole it! I was as mad as a wasp whose nest just fell.

Suspect # 2
Claudia Aldetori

I went to the University of Talledega Florida. I am very passionate about art. I take it very seriously. Leonardo da Vinci is like my hero. I would do anything to have his talents. I am an Italian woman. I am a direct descendant of Leonardo himself. I am also a member of the museum and have a key to a display. And I don't know which one. I am as mad as a bull because someone stole my paintbrush!

MOTIVE-I am an artist and want something involving art, especially something from Leonardo.

ALIBI-I was on a date with my boyfriend (James Amando who is as passionate about art as I am) at the Louvre at 10:00 and went to the bathroom. On the way I passed to admire the paintbrush exhibit, then went on to the bathroom. When I got back the paintbrush was gone.

Suspect # 3
Julia Samson

I went to the University of Arkansas. I am timid and very calm (most of the time). I like the people I know, and I`m shy around others. I hate art as much as polar bears hate the desert. It seems like a waste of time, and it costs a lot.

MOTIVE-I hate art and would do anything to stop people from doing it.

ALIBI-I was studying when the crime was committed. I don't care about a paintbrush. Aren't paintbrushes just a stick with strands of plastic on the end? They are just like mini brooms. A paintbrush isn't art. I like destroying art itself.

Suspect # 4
Jackson Steve

I am a security guard at the Louvre. I take my job as seriously as a silver back gorilla. I did not go to college because I didn't have enough money to go. It has always been my dream to go though. I get paid 750 dollars a week. I hate my job.

MOTIVE-I don't get paid much and the paintbrush is very valuable.

ALIBI-I was guarding Starry Night plus my record would be damaged forever. I would get fired and that's the last thing I need. If I got fired I would die.

The Conclusion

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