2016 Summer Olympics

The Olympics are scheduled to be in Rio De Janeiro, August 5th-21st, 2016

^^ Rio De Janeiro ^^


  • This is the first time South America has hosted the Olympics
  • Chicago, Illinois was also considered to host the 2016 Olympics
  • The events will be staged in 34 venues
  • The motto of the games will be "Viva Sua Paixao" which means "Live your passion"
  • Beach volleyball is especially popular in Rio
  • The Brazilian government is investing almost £11 billion in these Olympics
  • These Olympics will include 136 women's events, 9 mixed events, and 161 men's events
  • 10,500 athletes from 205 different countries will be competing
  • There will be 306 medal events

Class Responses

I posted a survey to my class with some questions about the upcoming Olympics. Here are some of the results!

When asked if they planned on watching the 2016 Summer Olympics...

28.57% said, "yes, as much as possible"

42.86& said, "yes, but only certain events"

28.57% said, "no, not at all"

When asked their opinion on the Olympics in general...

42.86% said, "I think they're great!"

28.57% said, "I don't watch them much, but I like the idea"

14.29% said, "I don't really have an opinion"

Another 14.29% said, "I wish they didn't happen"

Lastly, which Olympic sport was the most popular among the class was any form of swimming.

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