I Survived

Lauren Tarish

I am reading I Survived The Japanise Tsunami. The question I have about the book is, was the tsunami that happened a dream. I wonder that because in the book it says he wakes up but he could have gotten knocked out though too. I want to know more about what happened to the other people in the other people in the tsunami. I want to know more about them because it didn't say anything that happened to them. If it really was a dream did anyone get hurt?

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3 years ago

Hi, J! Sometimes it can be confusing when the author tells that someone is waking up because it's true that what happened might be a dream. Think about what you already know about your book and what the book's subject is to see if you can get some clues. We know that the tsunami actually happened, and we know that Ms. Tarshis writes about actual events, so it's likely that it was true. I think that your guess about him being knocked out is a pretty good one--especially considering that he was last seen swirling around in the water! These are good conversations to have in your head as you read. Good job thinking about what is happening and trying to weigh (consider) your evidence. Sometimes you just have to keep reading to know for sure.