By: Kayla Roberts

What is polyester??

is a a category of polymers that contain the ester functional group in their main chain.

whats it made from??

*coal and petroleum

Characteristics perhaps??

- strong and often blended with other fibers
-Resistant to wrinkling
- shrink and stretch resistant
- easy to care for
- great washability
- pills easily
-stactic buildup

Common uses???!!

-Children s wear, shirts and suits

What is Nylon??

was the first commercially sucessful synthetic thermoplastic polymer


- first fiber to be manufactured totally from chemicals
-strong, durable and elastic
- Dries quickly
- resists wrinkles and soil
- washes easily
- Heat sensitive
- clings to the wearer

Common uses:

Hosiery, swimwear, and windbreakers


whats acrylic??

Synthetic fibers made from polymer


- resembles wool
- soft and warm
- bulky , yet lightweight
- quick drying
- strong
- wrinkle resistant
- static buildup
- pills easily

Common uses:

- Bathrobes
-knitted garments
-outdoor furniture
fabrics and awnings   

what is Rayon??

a textile fiber or fabric made from regenerated cellulose

Characteristics please??

- soft, absorbent, and comfortable
- inexpensive
- streches and its weak when wet
-mildews and wrinkles easliy

Common uses??:

- linings
-sports shirt
- jackets

what is Acetate??

a synthetic or manufactured fiber with a silk luxurious appearance


- very  versatile
-inexpensive very easy to dye
- silky luxurious
-deep, luster, soft
-wrinkles easily
-special care needed in cleaning

common uses:


what in the world does spandex mean!!??

lycra elastane is a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity it is stronger and more durable than natural rubber.


- known for the ability to stretch
- resistant to lotions, oils, sun and perspiration
- easily gets damaged by chlorine water
- soft, lightweight
- durable
- nonabsorbent

Common uses:

- swimwear
- dance wear
- exercise wear