Drew Rutledge

Febuary Conference


On my SRI I got 938 I need 600 to be proficient.

That means I am really good.

Other scores of mine are:10/5,10/11,12/8,10/7,11 .


On my Colorado persuasive essay I got a 15/24.

On my settlers and indians I got a 5/6.

And my news ELA I got a 2.


I got 18/28 on one math test.

I need to work on Reducing fractions to the simplest term. I got 7/10.

I am at 12/12 on timed tests

Some of my scores are:7/10,4/4,4/5,5/5,7/10.

Social Studies

We are working with fossils.

I got 23/30 on my social studies test.


I think I an doing very well I have never been warned.

I could just do my home work!

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