5 mLearning Resource that can be used for a grade K-12 Classroom

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These are five mLearning apps that can not only be used on any mobile operating system, but can also help with the learning process of the students of most grade level.

1. Instagram

Instagram is a website/app that users post pictures and type up an explanation for what and why they took the picture and share it with the world.

This app can be used in a assignment to interpret and create a story/presentation. For instance, grade one students can post pictures on the app of what they did during the summer.

2. YouTube

This app/website holds many hours of video content that can cattier to many different demographics; in subjects that range from historical events, to literature study.

If we were to focus on the later, like a grade 8 English class, teachers can show a YouTube video that may help them understand a story/play that they are reading. Also, the teacher can show the students what key words she/he used to find the video in the near future (like when reviewing).

3. Google Drive

Google Drive is a free app that promotes collaborative team work without distance being an issue.

In the classroom, the teacher can use this for two ways: The first is that he/she can pair students of mixed-ability into a group and both add their own traits into the project. Another way is to inform parents of events/test/assignments that are coming up in the near future.

4. eBooks

eBooks, also known as "Electronic Books," are a collection of literature that can be obtained electronically

This tool is becoming more popular in resent years, thanks to the popularity of mobile device, like smart phones and tablets. Because of this, there are many ways that people can obtain ebooks depending on their mobile device:

- ios devices, like pads and iPods, get their eBooks via the app store/iTunes

- Android users get their eBooks via the google play store

- Kindle users get their eBooks from Amazon

- and finally, Black Berry users can get their eBooks from the kobo store

Although most of these market places do offer free eBooks or public domain materials, like some of Shakespeare's work; however, unlike it's competitors, kobo unfortunately does not offer free eBooks to their users.

5. Social Networking

Social networks can connect people together and promote networking without even meeting the person or group of people.

In education, students can receive updates from teachers about upcoming events/assignments and test notifications, just like what teacher could use Google Drive for; however, a student can also share ideas via, sharing links, with their fellow students (like tweeting/posting on Facebook a link to a YouTube video that could help with an upcoming test). 

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