Social Media
Unit 2 - Social Media for Personal Use

Task 1

  When it comes to social networks each site can be used for a specific purpose when I use it. Facebook is  for communication The audience that I use it to communicate with are friends and family. DeviantArt is used by me for the forums to communicate with other people who love art through their groups and media sharing to show of my art and to receive the opinions of others on my work. The audience I communicate with through DeviantArt is a common interest group. I use Pinterest for bookmarking and I have no audience really because I use it so I can find the bookmarks myself not for other people's interest. Twitter don't use for any purpose because it has too short of a word count.

  A business person could identify and grow their audience by using the specific uses and purposes of these sites to their advantage. For example a book related company could use Pinterest to pick out the best parts of their books that would engage a reader. An art company could use DeviantArt to showcase the sort of art they create and gather a following because DeviantArt is used by artists. Because the audiences of the sites are normally quite obvious because the site explains normally what it is used for on its opening page. Engaging with their audience could be done through commenting systems, private messages or the forum chats.

Task 2

  All the requirements for Task 2 and my account progression are recorded in the pictures below and the link to the account I made is here:

  I decided to make an account for DeviantArt because its a great way to collect an arrange any artwork I create. Whether it be art I make on the spur of the moment or art made for my course. The community on DeviantArt do aim to help, complement and improve their own artwork and other people's artwork so it would help me extend my artist abilities as well.

Task 3

In the photos below is an infographic on one of my favourite artists: Tite Kubo

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