Erin's Vision Statement

The Purposes of Education (and one anti-purpose)

Purposes of education?

Teaching critical thinking and analysis, self-expression, global citizenry; inspiring creativity; challenging the status quo; and joy.


By varying our practices to meet our students where they are and challenging students to stretch and grow.

We incorporate technology to enhance the age-old skills as well as to develop today's new literacy skill sets.

Incorporation of Technology

iPads. We are far, so good!

Tackk Journals (They think they're really great...thanks for this resource!)

Socrative for Quizzes, Discussion Questions, and Exit Tickets

iMovie - Digital Narratives

Google Drive


iBooks & audio book sites

Haikudeck and Keynote for presenting

A Few In-Class Examples

Kids have created multi-modal presentations where they have synthesized modern and ancient texts. They've also used various tech tools of their choice to create memoir presentations in which they pulled together photos, video, and original text to teach us about essential aspects in their lives.