Reclaimed Flooring – All Your Questions Answered

Planning to redecorate your home or looking to build a new one.. The flooring of the structure always holds special importance for any property owner. And we all want to be able to afford and boast of having perfectly done hardwood flooring that can create some amazing looks for our homes. But up until now, that was one option that was out of reach for most people, given the cost you will have to bear to get the entire thing done.

Reclaimed wood however can help you create your dream home exactly how you wanted it and that too in a less costly and much more eco friendly manner. Here is all you need to know about reclaimed flooring.

What it is..

If you have visited flooring stores, come across the reclaimed flooring option and didn’t know what it was, you aren’t the only one my friend. Most people simply are unaware of this exciting option and the many ways they can benefit from it. Reclaimed flooring simply means that the wood and material being offered was actually in use in some other place and was discarded or not needed anymore. This can be wood planks coming from a place that was just redesigned or demolished. Either ways, it is high quality flooring material which has been salvaged and treated to be used again.

Why reclaim wood..

This is a question of both environment protection as well as resource planning. In most cases, the building material that has been used and discarded usually sees a dumpster. In the past, usually when a wooden structure wasn't needed anymore it was just disposed of to a landfill dump or perhaps burned. This is an unfortunate way to deal with wooden materials that come from structures that are being remodelled or demolished. But these days, planks that still hold value and structural integrity are salvaged to be used again as reclaimed flooring. With simple processes of milling, refinishing and sanding, these planks become as good as new.

What is it from..

Reclaimed flooring is available in all kinds of varieties in the market. These varieties depend upon the many sources that the wood has been obtained from. You would think that the wooden planks you are seeing might be coming from old demolished houses. But you will be surprised to know that it can also come from old barns, wine barrels, water towers, bridges, homes, wharfs, docks, schools and many other sources. You should also understand that when considering these pieces, you will have to learn to get past the looks. If you take a thick piece of a large oak beam that is cracked and splintered on the outside, you will find by milling it into smaller pieces the inside looks fresh and beautiful without the wear and tear of the sun, wind and water.

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