visit Canada today

Ella Leipzig

Instead of having a president, Canada has a Prime Minister, he or she does the same thing as a president. The Prime Minister a few years ago is Pierre Trudeau, he was the one that started Charter of Rights.

Canada is a multicultural country just like the United States, which means they have many cultures in there country. Canada is a very bilingual country, which means there are many people that can speak two languages. Many Canadians that are bilingual speak French and English.

Canada has a very big industry, which means an area of economic activity's. Canada exports a lot of materials, which means goods are traded to other countries. Somethings Canada exports are wood, paper products, fuel, minerals, aluminum, wheat, and oil. Canada imports a lot of materials too, which means goods brought into the country. The transportation corridors, are the paths that make transportation easier.

Transportation Corridor

Canada is also very cold. If you like sight seeing, go to Canada! They have beutiful mountains, rivers, and national parks. Hockey is the biggest sport in Canada and many of the hockey players that play for NHL. In Canada there are many moose, and other types of animals.

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