Final Project

Movie Poster Review

This movie poster for the movie I Am Number Four shows how you can get someone's attention pretty quick. I mean why are his hands like on fire? But the fire's blue? It totally grabbed my attention when I first saw it. Like it also tells you that he's not normal, definitely a human-like thing or whatever but he could be a superhero or a mutant type thing. Cause no other human I know can have blue fire stuff glow from their hands. I feel like giving the poster a superhero theme kinda gave a story to it without really even showing any kind of story. To me it says he's going to be a hero against some kind of evil force. Plus, most people like action or hero kind of movies so I'm sure this is a good movie poster for that purpose. It totally grabs attention when you see it. It does everything a movie poster is supposed to do. Doesn't give away too much to ruin the story but enough to make people want to see it. I also love how it's such a big picture, like how everyone knows, the bigger the better. I just remember seeing this for the first time thinking wow this poster honestly makes me wanna see this movie, I just love movies that have something totally unexpected. Which by this poster it wasn't really expected.

Movie Trailer Review

When I first saw this movie trailer, which was literally about 5 minutes ago. My first thoughts watching it were like wow, this could be better than I ever thought it would've been before seeing it. To me a movie trailer should include most of the like climatic moments but don't give too much away. Keep the people engaged and wanting to see it. Cause if you give too much away then you basically just showed the people your movie without them even paying for it. Once, I saw a movie trailer that basically just showed too many climatic moments and too many of the "best" moments so it basically ruined the movie for me when I went and saw it. But what I liked about this trailer is how it completely kept your attention and just made you want to go and see it.

What's Changing In Movies

If you go and watch a movie even from 10-15 years ago, you'll be able to see a gigantic difference in the type of movies and the dialogue, etc. Back then you wouldn't see "as" much violence or "as" much swearing or even sexual references. Now days all you see is violence, explosions, swearing, and well you know, etc. Even in some movies the dialogue just ruins the movie on how they swear every other word. They need to make movies more about stories again and not about what people say out in the world. We already know what life is like, make movies better than what it is. That's what it should be like to me.

Changes In Movie Distribution

Today, you can get movies from basically anywhere. Basically every McDonald's will have a Red Box in it. Which is a movie renting system. That's just one kind of movie rental system though, there's all kinds of them; and they're everywhere you go. You can get movies even in different types, for example, Blu Ray and High Definition types of movies are still kind of new to the community. You can buy movies off of the internet compared to back then when movies were strictly only in stores. They're becoming easier to distribute in many new ways which means there's going to be new kinds of distributing them to the people. Some ways they should do it now is by having the stores still sell the movies, but instead of just having them at the store, but by selling them online and and everywhere possible to even download a movie. Plus, another good way to distribute more movies then you typically would sell is like making bundles and having other movies that aren't "top of the line" but good enough that the people that buy this bundle wanting to watch one of the movies in the bundle will eventually want to see the other movies that they bought included in the bundle.

My Reaction To Artifact

Why do artists and bands still sign with the major label companies?

Well my answer to that is as easy as if you don't, you're basically screwed to go anywhere in the music industry. Major label companies will help but also screw the artists or bands over. It's kind of complicated, but simple, the major label companies will give the artists or bands a lot of money to help them start out with their equipment and other kinds of stuff to help them out. But while the band is getting happy with what they're getting from that money, the major label companies are basically just building like interest on them and eventually going to make them pay for all of it and more. Even if the band is successful, it doesn't help out them in their soon to be worse debt situation. The major labels will take about 85% of the earnings from any kind of distribution from their music including concerts or anything like that. Plus, even after the band pays that off from their "earning", they still have to try and start to pay off that debt from them buying all that equipment not even starting to include all the music video production costs. The major labels sure know how to get someone farther in debt. But it really doesn't matter about being in debt or even making dough to some or even most of these artists because most of them just want people to hear their music and enjoy it. So the only way they can truly do that with more ease is to sign with these major label companies even if they know they're going to lose money from it.

If I was 30 Seconds to Mars?

Well, if I was in their situation I probably would have ended up doing the same thing that they did. I might have done what they did a little bit earlier though. I would have tried to as much as possible to not go into debt or just have as low of debt as possible. Debt is something if you don't get ride of fast, it'll just grow and grow. I would've done my best to have as many money making opportunities as possible. Or even, to basically just get ride of the whole major label debt crisis, just sign with a smaller independent label company. Problem basically solved, except for the fact that you won't be able to be as popular as fast or even make as much money as fast. 30 Seconds To Mars might have made what wasn't the "best" decision out there but they ended up working with it and making it work to their want. I just think it took them too long to finally do it the right way, or at least, a better way. I would have signed with a smaller more independent label company just to avoid the debt situation but I would have tried to get more sponsorship "like" things to help me get more out in the world and have a good reputation starting just to get out there more. Or even start my own label company which probably wouldn't be the best because I wouldn't of had the money that the major label companies do, neither do any of the smaller more independent label companies. Which is another reason why I would've done the same thing that 30 Seconds To Mars did in their situation.

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