Picture this, a fresh Nature Valley granola bar. It's filled with nuts, oats and many other ingredients. But before you take a bite , think about where the bar came from, what has it been through, What's it's life story. Actually, this granola bar you pictured has gone through hundreds of things just become the granola bar you see. Although the granola bar has been through a lot, lets go over the main parts.


  The start of the granola bar's story begins with the ingredients. There about 27 different ingredients in the bar.  27 ingredients, 27 stories but lets go over the 3 main ingredients first.


  Just as the name sounds, he main ingredient in the Nature Valley Lunchbox granola bar is oats.  The oats start out there life in an oat field.  The oats are planted over a huge area. When the same species of plant is planted over a huger area is called a mono-crop. The problem with mono-crops is you need a lot of pesticides to keep them healthy. The reason for this because if one of the crops in the mono-crop gets infected,, the rest of the mono-crop is most likely to get infected because they are the same crop and have the same weaknesses. All the use of the pesticides makes the crop bad for us to eat. All the pesticides can be soaked up by the  roots  of the plants, filling the plant with deadly pesticides. Plus the runoff pesticides infects our drinking water and all the other water too.


    This ingredient comes from plants like onion, garlic, asparagus, and bananas. This ingredient is good for controlling constipation. this ingredient can be commonly found in dog food. This ingredient is extracted from the plants in a science lab.


   Rice flour is obviously made from rice. Rice is mashed into a thin powder and can be found in pita bread. The rice plant is grown in pools of water most likely in east Asia.


     Most of the other ingredients start with corn. Corn is like a "super crop" in the eyes of companies.

1. Corn is very cheap thanks to government subsidizes.

2. Corn is easy to store because of its kernels.

3. Corn can be genetically modified into many other ingredients that can even be found in drink like coke (citric acid).

    Corn is grown in a mono-crop so it has has the same consequences as the other mono-crops, even worse.Corn is the most used crop in processed food in the whole world so the consequences are even stronger.

Next in the Granola bars story: all the ingredients get shipped to general mills inc, USA.


    All the ingredients make their way to general Mills inc.,USA. They get shipped by ship, plane or truck  depending on where they are coming from. Either way, the transportation pumps pollution into the atmosphere. The plants from which (and animals) which the ingredients for our food is made from, become even more unhealthy when they breathe the pollutes air. The ingredients are put together into a granola bar through processes like cooking, baking , cooling and mixing. Then they are packaged and  sent to where they will be sold. Once again more pollution is put into the atmosphere. Also, the mining of the oil used to make the wrappers is bad for our environment, causing more pollution and oily water. The cutting down of tress for the boxes of the Granola bar causes even more pollution. Eventually, we buy the bar.


   The Granola Bar gets eaten buy us.

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a video I made to sum up the story of the Nature Valley Lunchbox granola Bars.

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