The Lost City of Atlantis

Did it really exist?

The Legend

According to legends, Atlantis was a beautiful city full of spiritual people. The people of Atlantis became very greedy because of their wealth, which caused the gods to become very angry. One night, they sent many terrible earthquakes and fires, which caused Atlantis to be lost forever.

Plato's Atlantis

Plato, a well-known philosopher, was one of the first to write stories of Atlantis through his exploration of the nature of man. But was his story of Atlantis just a fictional story used to get his point across?

Where was it?

There are many different theories about where Atlantis was actually located.

Plato made it clear that Atlantis was located in front of the Pillars of Hercules, which is in the Western boundary of the Mediterranean Sea.

Evidence of a Real-Life Atlantis

There have been many discoveries of artifacts in the general area that Plato's Atlantis was located. Jewelry, rare crystals, and even what seems to be a road, among other man-made structures have been found under water in the Mediterranean Sea over the years.


Although there is no hard evidence that an actual city of Atlantis existed, there are some pretty interesting artifacts that suggest that there was a city in the area that Plato created his Atlantis.

Many people are interested in finding out if this city ever really existed. Perhaps the reason behind this is that people want to know more about the our history.

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