Elvis Presley

By: Brandon Harden
Ms. Jarden
Period #3

 Why Was Elvis Presley Named
"The King of Rock 'N' Roll"?

Carmen Gillepsie said that:

1. Born on January 8, 1935, in Tupelo, Mississippi.

2. He served in the army for 2 years

3.1969 Elvis became a Las Vegas headliner.

Elvis.com/about/bio siad:

1. He starred in 33 successful films

2. By 1956 he was an international sensation

3. He began his career with Sun Records labels in Memphis

Biography.com said:

1. His first guitar was a gift from his mother on his  11th birthday

2. His first demo was in 1953

3. Gospel music was an important influence for him

Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame said that:

1. He went to a Pentecostal Church

2. He occupied himself with movie making

3. One of his biggest hits was "Jail House Rock"

Elvis Presley was named "The King Of Rock 'N' Roll" because he invented rock 'n' roll through black music and white lyrics.

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