What is the Treaty of Versailles?

The Treaty of Versailles was ment to bring peace to the Euorpean Nations, but Duetchland was not even allowed to participate! This document was mainly supposed to punish Germany. Also, it HEAVILY demoted the German army. Plus, Germany lost ALL of its colonies! Germany also lost over 15% of her mainland. Although the despite to to create peace, it just sparked WWII!

The Treaty of Versailles was meant to punish Germany.
This is what the Treaty of Versailles looked like. It was a whole book!
This is Deutchland BEFORE WW1.

How did diseases affect WWI?

Anson and Bryson

WWI was a disease frenzy! The main cause was the lack of hygiene. In the trenches sometimes people got shot, and they died so the soldiers had to bury the them right there in the trench! That caused rats which spread more diseases like trench foot that made feet rot, however hygiene isn't the only cause for disease. Therefore shell shock was also a mental disease that was mainly trauma from war. People with shell shock could not sleep, talk, or walk. Although there are many more diseases in WWI to be found.

Ways to prevent Trench Foot, the main disease in WWI.
This nasty fella' was the culprit to spreading many diseases
This is shell shock, it is a disease that causes trauma.
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