Governess vs Ninny

By Austin B.

Mister: Well how are you doing today Laura?

Laura: Doing pretty good how about you?

Mister: Doing the same as usual pretty good, Hey how about stopping by tomorrow after you finish teaching so I can pay you for what you have done these past 2 months.

Laura: Okay see you then. (Leaves and starts teaching)

Mister: (8 HOURS LATER)

Laura: (Laura walks by and is about to leave)

Mister: Hey Hey Laura! Remember to stop by tomorrow anytime.

Laura: Okay have a great afternoon!

Mister: (10 hours later) Hey Laura stop by after you teach today, have a great day!

Laura; You too, (Starts teaching)

Mister: (A few hours later) Hey Laura come stop real quick and I will give you your money.

Laura: I have to go, I have somewhere to be.

Mister: It will only take a second!

Laura: Okay sir make it quick.

Mister: (Pulls money out of pocket and counts it) (with a surprised face) I only have half of your money the rest went off somewhere

Laura: It is okay I will just take what you have.

Mister: Okay here you go. (gives money to her)

Laura: Thank you again, I have to go.

Mister: Okay stop by here again in the morning

Laura: Ok Bye.

Mister: (11 hours later)  Good morning Laura!

Laura: Good morning.

Mister: Listen umm im sorry about yesterday I must've lost half of the money on the way here.

Laura: It is ok I dont get much but I really appreciate it.

Mister: Well I have the rest of the money here you go (Gives her money) But dont always let people run over you like that stand up for what you earn.

Laura: Well im just happy I get something maybe your right. But thank you again.

Mister: Your welcome enjoy your day.

Laura: You too thank you again sir. (Laura goes off to teach)

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