The world is full of robots
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I don’t remember every clip I saw in 2008, but I cannot forget Big Dog. That black robot, walking around on all fours and humming away as it climbed the hillside, was chilling. This month, his little brother was introduced: Spot. A quitter, shorter and elegant robot, who can maneuver around an office and, perhaps, even serve coffee. A pet.

Spot belongs to Google. Big Dog also belongs to Google, and so does the company that created them both. Over the past two years, Google has bought over a dozen robotics and AI companies. Can you guess why?

The world is full of robots. It has been for years. But most of them only work in factories. Now, they are closing in on the civilian market, to our daily lives. In Silicon Valley’s El Camino Hospital, they have robotic janitors. Willow Garage has a robot that does the shopping and walks the dog. Robot vacuum cleaners are in almost every household. Fact: entrepreneurs are building household robots, and they will start marketing them very soon.

And Google? Well, robots work with algorithms and information. Google is the world champion of algorithms. Google has completed its value chain in the Virtual world. It has conquered the Search market, online advertising, has its own browser and its own operating system for mobile devices. To continue growing, sooner or later Google is going to have to break into the real world: into your car on your way to and from work, perhaps with a charming and uber-smart personal assistant, as only Google can.

Seriously, you didn’t really think that the technological revolution would end with the iPad, did you?

Written by nadav brandstater CEO of Web-pick Holdings

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