Ashleigh Wills

Photography Portfolio


I took this picture of the amazing view of clouds and a little sunset in Ruidoso, New Mexico on Spring Break

Self Confidence

This is a self portrait of me I took this with iPhone 5c at my home in Waco.

Setting Sun

This was taken at the Hollywood Theatres parking lot in Waco. I was getting out of the movies with my mom and saw this coming up behind the building. I had to take the shot!😊

Black Haze

While on the way home from New Mexico, I took this in the car while passing by all the trees.

After Hours

I took this when I had after school practice in January for Goal Tenders I'm a manager in the Dance Team and had to stay late for their  competition practices.

Sun Tanning🌸

I took this picture of a cheetah at Cameron Park Zoo; he was laying down in the sun and in this picture stood out to me because it looks like he is outside of the gate😊

Sisterly bond

I took this at the park at Cameron Park Zoo in Waco,TX. My twin sister Brooke and I were standing next to each other and I just had to capture this moment.


This is my dog Pepper, she was under the shade and had her paws on top one another. She looked so sophiscated and fancy, just thought it was a cute dog picture😊

White Sands

This was shot in White Sands,NM, it's one of their famous national monuments. I also took this one on my spring break 2015 trip this year!

Dark vs. Light

I also took this one on the way home from New Mexico, the clouds were beautiful that day. I just love how his captures so much darkness but also so much light.

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