The Culture of Candyland

The Language of Candyland

In Candyland, the language of this very small country is very different from any language you or anyone you know has heard, for they don't even know of any other way to speak. Their language is known as "Caboodle". To us when they speak, it might even sound like they're speaking nothing but gibberish or maybe like they are grown people speaking like that of a baby. But to them, they understand each other perfectly. Some words in Caboodle are "acka" which means "to leave" and "gham" which means "to come". Although this is how they pronounce their words, the way they write them is extremely different. To us, the way they write might look similar to when a child tries to write for the first time. It looks like nothing but scribbles to us, but with enough learning and practice, you can learn the differences between the letters and words.

The Houses of Candyland

The people of the country of Candyland live in a wide range of different types of towns and cities. There are both big, modernized cities as well as very small, rural cities. In the larger cities, the people live in apartment complexes and condos while in the more rural towns, they live in houses they build themselves out of candy. Yes, they build their houses out of Jolly Ranchers and Twizzlers. Though in the bigger towns, the buildings are made out of fake, large lollipops and fake icing. They do not smell nearly as delicious as the houses in rural towns, but, the cities are more modernized and have populations around 10,000 times more then the small towns.

Education Systems in Candyland

In Candyland, the school systems are very similar to the school systems here in the U.S., only they go to school half a normal school day here in the U.S..  Also, they don't get the full summer off.  Instead, they have two weeks off in the summer and 3 months off in the winter.  They also have to attend Elementary school through High school like we do.  After High school, if the students desire to, they can attend college for free.

Both males and females are allowed to attend school.  Children of ages 5 to 10 years old attend 5 years in Elementary school (1st grade through 5th grade there is no kindergarten). Children ages 11 to 13 attend Middle school (6th grade through 8th grade) and children ages 14 through 16 attend High school  (9th grade through 11th grade there is no 12th grade).

A Brief History of Candyland

Candyland was founded in 2031 by Willy Wonka. Yes, the guy with the Chocolate Factory. In around January of 2028, Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory went downhill. The Oompa Loompas were quitting their jobs and moving all around the world, some to India, Germany, other parts of the United States, Canada, Brazil. So, Willy Wonka decided to close down his factory and move himself. He found a small island in the Northern Hemisphere in between Greenland and Canada that had no one else on it. No one.

For a while, Willy Wonka lived by himself. He was the one who started the rural tradition of building your own house out of candy. The only reason it continued was because when someone else came across the land, they discovered Wonka had already been there. He taught the new family how to build there own houses.

Long story short, more and more people discovered this island and the country itself started off as nothing but small rural cities, but as society and other countries became more modern with technology and larger buildings, so did the country of Candyland.

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