Lurlene McDaniel

Born: April, 5 1944- NOT DEAD

Lurlene's son Sean was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at the age of three and that is why she started writing. She has written over forty novels with children facing threatening illnesses.


  • Lurlene's favorite color is anything purple or turquoise, especially with sparkles.
  • Her favorite food is everything pasta and ice cream for dessert.
  • Her favorite movie is Blade Runner (director's cut) with Harrison Ford.

Personal Life

Lurlene graduated from the University of South Florida.

She is married, has a child (Sean), and she also has one brother.


The genres of her books are friendship, romance, sickness, mystery, and suspense. Her favorite book is what ever she is working on at the moment.


Her inspiration to keep writing is when she gets letters in the mail saying " I have graduated from nursing or medical school because of your books."


No one gets to choose what life gives them, you do get to choose how you deal with it.


  • Her favorite hobby is collecting glass objects.

Where She Was Born

Lurlene McDaniel was born in Philadelphia,PA.

The Book I Read

The book that I read is called Garden of Angels. It' about this girl named Darcy and she is just starting high school. She likes her life until her mother goes to a hospital and gets tests run on her and it turns out that she has cancer.

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