Baby Sign Language  

By Mackenzie Miles 6th hour

How do you teach baby sign language?

~There is no real way to teach baby sign language, you can simply make up your own Some children learn differently.
~It depends on how you want to teach your child.
~Baby sign language can be very confusing to the child, so remember not to change the sign after they are taught.
Things to remember...
1. Remember to  repeat the signs you start teaching your baby so that he/she can use it properly.
2. When you talk to her/him be patient so that they have time to respond.
3.It could get confusing, being that they are young.
Why would you want to use Baby signs?
~The child will be able to understand and communicate more easily.
~It is a way that the children learn to talk. (Yes, it may take time but they do not usually start talking until the age of 1.)
~It has a long lasting effect on the child.
What does it do for babies?
~This helps children understand and comprehend what they are saying.
~This also helps babies communicate with caregivers, parents, ect.
~Could possibly help them start talking faster than normal.
Background information

~Replace Crying with Communication. Baby Sign Language lets babies, as young as six months old, communicate their needs so they don't need to cry. Your baby will learn how to tell you: When they are hungry, want more, or are all done ect.

This is Daddy/Dad/Father in sign language

This is Mommy/Mom/Mother in sign language


This is Apple in sign language


This is More in sign language


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