Kidney Cancer

What is Kidney Cancer and What causes it?

Kidney cancer begins as a small tumor only in the kidney.


When you have cancer, you usually have symptoms. Some symptoms are:

loss of weight not caused by a diet

red blood cell count is low

smaller appetite

Possible Causes

We don't know exactly how risks actually become cancer. One of the risks would be a mutation in genes. Genes control different actions that a cell completes.

Cancer Growth

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Kidney Cancer Stages

In Kidney cancer, there are four stages.  They are as follows:

Stage 1: A small tumor is located only in the kidney.  The tumor is only seven or less centimeters.  

Stage 2: The tumor is still only found in the kidney, but the tumor is at least seven centimeters.

Stage 3: At this point, the tumor is any size, but cancer is only found in the kidney and in one or more lymph nodes


cancer is found in the kidney's main blood vessels or in the fatty tissue around.  It can still be found in the lymph nodes.

Stage 4: Cancer has metastasized to  the adrenal gland located above the kidney or in nearby lymph nodes


The cancer has spread to other organs and may be in the lymph nodes.  Metastasis is when the cancer moves from one part of the body to another.


Some treatments are as follows:

Radiation therapy

This treatment is rarely used for those with kidney cancer.  It is used mostly to ease the symptoms.


This is when the body's cancer

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Survival Rates

The five year survival rates are as follows:

Stage 1: 81%  This is only the beginning stage, so this high percent makes perfect sense.  In this stage, the cancer hasn't moved from the kidney.

Stage 2: 74%  This is only the second stage, so the relatively high number makes sense.

Stage 3: 53%  This could be worse.  It could be less than 50%.

Stage 4: 8%  It could be worse still.  In this stage, the cancer has spread to most of the body.  Don't worry!  By the time you are close to stage three the your doctor would have noticed the cancer and you will already have undergone some treatments.  Remission is when the cancer doesn't grow, or it shrinks temporarily or permanently.  It doesn't mean that you are cured.


Kidney cancer, just like most cancers, is still undergoing some major research.  At least there are some treatment options, right?  Consider yourself a little bit lucky that you didn't get a cancer that doesn't even have treatments yet.

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