Decking Forming Machine and Its Products

With the rapid development of economic and science, the standard of people's living are improving which means that more and more deck and deck products are in great need in machinery, light industry, office, as well as kitchen equipment. Once so much deck product is need, how can people produce it within the shortest time to meet their needs immediately? The way to solve this problem is tile forming machine. People have achieved mass production of deck material with the help of this kind of machine.

What is decking forming machine? The decking forming machine is used for pressing of the plasticity materials, such as stamping, bending, flanging and stretching, etc. Meanwhile, it can also perform calibration, pressure equipment, compression molding of plastic and powder material. With these functions, it is much needed in these areas—light industry, axle, washing machine, car, motor, air conditioner motor, electric appliance, military industrial enterprise and the assembly line of three-funded enterprises and so on. The product of it is multiple and has strong quality. That is to say, it not only has good impression, but also has safety guarantee.

All in all, the decking PU sandwich panel line has many advanced features. According to operational need, the working pressure of this machine can be adjusted, and can be set to constant pressure molding process, finished packing delay automatic return function; the mechanical function can be customized by the requirements of customers; with the same bearing capacity, it economizes material and cuts down investment accordingly; all kinds of deck production with different appearance can be made to meet the needs of consumers.

What's more, the Continuous PU sandwich line can make the heat pulling up and down and the speed and pressure of heart pumping can depend on customers' demands, which is not restricted; simple operation without noise, and it can also do automatic operation; it is operated by computer that is introduced from foreign countries, which is very durable; three beam four-post type structure, which is economical and practical; hydraulic control uses integrated cartridge valve system, reducing the leak point, so that the hydraulic system is safe with less trouble; its pressurized coil cut to length machine can be designed according to customers' requirements, combined with rapid tool mould, mold-shut, it not only can protect mould, but can also save time. There are also some other features, if you have any interest, please contact us. You can directly visit for more information.