The Fourteenth Goldfish
Jennifer L. Holm

By: Jubril Parks

Main Characters

Ellie- Main character

Melvin- Ellie's grandfather. Also a scientist.

Mom (didn't state name). - Ellie's mom.

Nicole- Ellie's babysitter.

Brianna- Ellie's Friend

Raj- Ellie's friend who helps them on their mission.

dad- Ellie's dad

Ben- Ellie's mom's friend.

Plot- I think the plot is man vs nature because Melvin is having to figure out that in nature life needs to move forward not backwards.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes interesting and action filled novels.  

Setting. This book takes place in Ellie's home, Ellie's school, and Melvin's lab.

Genre- Realistic fiction because the things that happen in the book are possible but no one has actually done it.

Summary- Ellie, an ordinary eleven year old girl was at home one night with her babysitter,Nicole when they got a call from their mom saying that she would be late. Later that night when their mom got home their was a boy dressed up like an old man. When the boy came inside Ellie recognized something. He dressed and had a ring on like her grandfather! In that moment Ellie learned that her grandfather was a scientist and that he had found a cure for aging and he had made a serum out of something in a jellyfish. But Ellies grandfather was kicked out of his lab before he could get the rest of his cure called the T. Melvinus. Now they had to think of different ways to get the T. Melvinus back. They also recruited a boy named Raj who helped because he had an older brother with a car who would help them get in and out of the lab quickly. The first two times failed and they were about ready to give up. After the failed attempts of trying to get the T. Melvinus, Ellie realized something. She realized that things should move forward not backwards. When she convinced her grandfather that that was true he decided to give up the T. Melvinus. At the end of the book the person who gave Melvin the first jellyfish found another and sent it to him saying it was even weirder then the last one. The last thing Melvin said was to "believe in the possible."

Something I noticed about the writing in the book was that there were a lot of conversations going on in the writing.

My book did not have illustrations so I am using the cover art on the front of the book. Something I noticed about the cover picture was that they used part of science with the science testing tube and the goldfish at the beginning of the book that Ellie thought never died.

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