Help Wanted-Photographer

Looking for someone to: take pictures, understand light and distance, and work well with others.

Detailed activities: thinking creatively, interacting with computers, and getting information.

Working Conditions: self-employed, professional, or scientific or technological services.

Work Interest: artistic or realistic.

Work Value: independence, relationships, and achievements.

Basic Skills: active listening, instructing, and coordination.

Minimum Education Level: high school diploma or equivalent

Salary Information: $14.08 hourly/ $29,280 yearly

Related Occupations: travel guides, retail salespersons, and teacher assistants.

Growth Potential: bad because it will only go up 3-7%

New Concerns For Evolving Workforce: Usually technology is bad for the job economy because it takes the place of people. However, technology will help photography because more people will have access to our work from the internet.

by Juli Mynatt