Descriptive Adjectives

In French, most adjectives agree in gender and number with the nouns or pronouns they modify.

Adjectives of physical description

Mon père est vert = My father is green ("vert" is singular and masculine to agree with "père")

Mes frères et soeurs sont drôles = My brothers and sisters are funny

("drôles" is plural to agree with "frères" et "soeurs")

Here are some more adjectives.

Let's look at some more examples

The adjective "Marron" is invariable (no changes).

The adjective "châtain" is almost always used to describe hair color.

Here are some more irregular adjectives.

BAGS adjectives stand for:

  • Beauty
  • Age
  • Greatness/Goodness
  • Size
  • All BAGS adjectives go before the noun, instead of after it.