K-12 mLearning Options

Story Kit

What is this? Story Kit is a way for students to create electronic story books. It gives students the opportunity to create stories on mobile devices wether they are at home in bed or even on the road!

How can it be used? Story Kit can be used by students to record themselves telling the story which can be beneficial to students who have trouble reading fluently, this way they can hear themselves and rerecord until they are happy with how they sound. It is also a good app as students are able to illustrate a story using personal photos or images.

Journal Jar

What is this? Journal Jar is a fun way for students to get writing prompts. By shaking the jar on the app a writing prompt is given. This allows students to write journal entries or short stories based on the prompt.


What is this? Audioboo is an app that lets you record audio and upload it to the internet. It can be used for podcasts, broadcasts and even sports.

How can it be used? Audioboo is a great tool that can easily be used in the classroom. One way it could be used is for students to create podcasts. Instead of writing newspaper articles students could create a podcast of news with in their school. The video below shows a quick introduction and explanation to what Audioboo is.

The Answer Pad

What is it? The Answer Pad is an app that works great with the bring your own device concept. There are eight ways that a teacher is able to assess students understanding in the classroom.

How can it be used? During a science class for example, a teacher can ask a true/false question on the structure of a plant. Using the answer pad students can answer in real time giving teachers instant feedback. This also works well student based questions. There are always some students that are uncomfortable asking questions in front of peers. This app allows for students to privately ask questions during class so the teacher can address and answer it to everyone.


What is it? Dropbox is both a mobile app and online tool that allows users to bring photos, videos and documents from anywhere and easily share them with others. It also allows users to keep everything in one central location.

How can it be used? Dropbox is a great app that can allow students to collaborate. Instead of group projects that require meeting each other off school ground and hours, students are able to collaborate and work together from anywhere. A simple social research project can be turned from hours of working together to little time working individually then combining and sharing the files through Dropbox.

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