Animal Drug Testing

Animal drug testing is basically animal abuse and it needs to be stopped. There are many ways to stop animal drug testing. We can help by not buying products  and or have an organization that support it. We can help by not selling things that are tested on animals or donate money  to animal drug testing laboratories.  We can help stop it by starting a petition, rasie money to help save lives, protest, we could start a campaign online and get other people involved.

When I look at this picture I stop and think, "there is so many ways we can help stop this but yet nobody ever does." This is not as sad and depressing as it gets. It is even worse than what you could ever imagine. These poor and innocent creatures are having food shoved down there throat 24/7, liquids going in through there nose, vaccines that are not safe, they are being opened up and inside their bodies drugs are being placed. These animals suffer so much until one day they can't handle it anymore and they die.

This video shows the suffering of animals that are in this position. They are not humans but yet they feel the same pain and bleed the same blood as us. Animals are being tortured and abused everyday. If it's wrong to abuse and torture a child what's the difference with animals? this is a link from Peta and organization who wants to help stop this.

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