This Virus Will Surrender

How to Treat HIV

      In 1959, the earliest known case of a human infected with HIV was diagnosed. Later on, the virus HIV that leads to AIDS was beginning to spread a little bit everywhere in the world.[1] Thirty years ago, there was no medical help available regarding patients infected with this deadly virus. Sadly, it became one of the primary cause of death worldwide[2]. Fortunately, with the evolution of the medical field throughout these few years, treatments against HIV has been found.

        Despite the fact there is still no cure for HIV, a variety of drugs work effectively to control the virus from taking over the body.[3] There are presently five different classes of HIV drugs in the market. Usually, for best results, doctors prescribe to a patient three different antiretroviral drugs from two different classes. Each class of drug is responsible to attacks the virus at different points in its life cycle.[4] It is recommended to take an antiretroviral combination of two drugs the Nucleotide Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors class and one drug from the Non-Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors class.[5] This mixture of drugs assures that the treatment does the most efficient work of keeping under control the amount of virus in the body and protecting the immune system. Furthermore, taking more than one drug helps prevent the patient from HIV drug resistance. When HIV reproduces in the body, it makes copies of itself and mutations as well. Drug resistance happens when these deficient copies may not respond the same way as the other ones to the medication. By taking three different drugs, the virus in the body is less tempted to make non responding copieswhich is very good.[6] At a point, after being under the influence of a set of drugs, a change of treatment is necessary when the drug is not able to control effectively the replication of the virus. In general, the body tends to adapt itself to whatsoever non habitual circumstances we present to him. This same effect occurs with the HIV virus in the body getting used to the antiretroviral. In that case, changing up the combination of drugs is essentiel for the treatment to work.

        HIV treatments do exist and do work effectively. Nowadays, people infected with HIV are able to live a normal life and have the capacity to control their infection. On the other side, treatment is mostly available for patients living in developed countries and patients that can afford it. This simple fact sums up a hudge problem in our society since the treatment itself has no major complications but the access to it is sadly limited. While treatment against HIV exists, many people are still dying and the virus is still spreading around the world. Having found treatment against HIV is amazing, but for the virus to surrender completely it is essentiel and vital to treat every single body infected in this planet. The guns against this deadly virus are in our disposition. All we have to do is to use them properly and wisely and victory will be ours.

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