Concentration Camps for Women

By: Jasmine Wilkinson

One of the famous concentration camps for women is Ravensbruck. They treated the women there so wrong. When some of the women were pregnant they would perform test and see what the baby would look like because the women were Jewish. They would also rape the women to see if the baby would still be Jewish since the baby would be mixed with Jewish and non-Jewish.

10 Interesting Facts about Women Concentration camps:

1. Ravensbruck opened in May 1939 for women and was the largest concentration camp for women.                                                                                                                          2. 100,000 women has been incarcerated in Ravensbruck.                                               3. The Germans and their collaborators spared neither women nor children-Jewish or non-Jewish.                                                                                                                           4. Pregnant women or mothers of young children were with "incapable of work" and they were sent to killing centers, where camp officials often include them in the first groups to be sent to the gas chambers.                                                                                         5.Orthodox families were a special target of Nazi ideology.                                             6.The Nazis committed mass murder of Roma women at Auschwitz concentration camp, murdered females with disabilities in the T-4 and other euthanasia operations.      7.German authorities deployed women in forced labor under conditions that often led to their deaths.                                                                                                                      8.German physicians and medical researches used Jewish and Roma (Gypsy) women as subjects for sterilization experiments and other unethical human experimentation and were also rapped.                                                                                                                9. Jewish women often tried to conceal their pregnancies or were forced to submit to abortions.                                                                                                                  10.Women were patrols too.



November 1938: German began construction for the Ravensbruck concentration camp

December 1938: SS Colonel Gunther Tamaschke becomes the first camp commander at Ravensbruck

May 1939: The SS transfers 900 women in Ravensbruck

January 1, 1940: SS Captain Max Koegel replaces Gunther Tamaschke as camp commandant

April 1941: SS authorities establish a small men’s camp adjacent to the Ravensbruck main camp

Spring 1942: SS authorities begin sending prisoners they “selected” as unfit for work at Ravensbruck to a sanitarium in Bernburg, which, equipped with gas chambers,serves as a killing center for people with physical and intellectual disabilities within the framework of the so-called “euthanasia” program of the Nazi regime. The SS authorities send nearly 2,000 Ravensbruck prisoners to their deaths in this manner during the spring of 1942.

Late 192-11944: Camp authorities initiate a second round killings at such “euthanasia” killing centers. During this phase, around sixty transport leaves Ravensbruck for the “euthanasia” killing center at Hartheim, near Linz Austria, with between 60 and 1,000 prisoners each

Summer 1942: SS medical doctors begin subjecting prisoners at Ravensbruck to unethical medical experiments. Many of the women subjected to such experiments die as a result

August 20, 1942: SS captain Fritz Suhren replaces Max Koegel as camp commandant

Early March 1945: The SS begins “evacuating” Ravensbruck with the transport of 2,100 male prisoners to Sachsenhausen

5 People who were involved with the women concentration camps:

1. Katharina Waitz was one of the first women to try escape three times.                           2. Judith Simons saw the horrors of the Concentration Camp for women.                         3. Adolf Hitler was  the one who started all off the Concentration Camps in May 1939.       4. Kitty Hart-Moxon Holocaust survivor.                                                                               5. Dorothea Binz worked at one of the camps for women.                                                                    

Irena Sendler

A hero that helped the women during the Holocaust:

A Polish social worker saved 2,500 Jewish babies and children from the death camps. She changed the identity of  the children she rescued from Warsaw ghetto in 1942 and 1943 and placed them with Polish families. Irena was a member of Zegota, a secret organisation set upon by the Polish government. She and her team smuggled the children out by variously hiding them in ambulances, taking them through the sewer pipes or other underground passageways, wheeling them out on a trolley in suitcases or boxes.     

Why it is important for people to know about my topic:

My topic is important for people to know because women had tough times being in the concentration camps. People should remember that the women went through theses things without doing nothing and just trying to live their daily lives.

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