Mysterious Mars

Mars is half the size of our planet, Earth. Its thin atmosphere is slowly being blown away by the sun's solar wind.However, its atmosphere forms clouds, and sometimes supports planet-wide dust storms.

Mars has a reddish color due to the iron oxide commonly known as rust-that is in the soil.

the first feature that most can see on mars are the polar ice caps. These huge caps of water and carbon dioxide ice expand and shrink due to seasonal changes on mars.

Mars is also home to one of the longest (more than 4,000 km (2500 miles long)) canyon systems in the solar system called Valles Marineris (‘’Mariner Valley’’). The canyon system ranges from 5 to 8 km (3-5 miles) deep.If placed on earth this would stretch from New york to Los Angeles.

Mars is the most Earth-like planet in the solar system (except for in size and therefore surface gravity.

Mars has some unique characteristics.First off, Mars has the largest volcano in the solar system, Olympus mons. It also has the largest canyon system in the solar system called Valles marineris. Third Mars is the only other planet besides earth to posses frozen water at its poles, which scientists have seen grow and shrink as mars seasons change.Fourth Mars is the only other planet (that we know of) that ha the capability of supporting life, past or present.

Mars obtained its name due to its deep, war-like red color. The romans named the planet after their god of war,Mars. Olympus Mons,the largest volcano in the solar system is named after Mount Olympus, the home of greek / romans gods and goddesses. Mars’ two moons, Phobos and Deimos, are named after Fear and Panic, the two lakeys of mars.

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