A new world food by Eli

Chocolate came from ancient Mexico. The Mayans basically worshipped the cacao bean. They even had a cacao god. Cacao beans were used as currency. They also made cacao beans into a drink called chocolate. Chocolate was considered bitter by many people but the Mayans loved it. They believed chocolate made you strong. Emperor Montezuma drank 50 pitchers of chocolate a day.

Christopher Columbus brought chocolate back to Europe. When he was exploring Central America he captured a canoe filled with cacao beans and brought them back to Europe. It was a bitter drink but Christopher Columbus said it was good for your health. Because it was so bitter it was later sweetened with sugar and spices.

Cacao beans are what chocolate is made from. Cacao beans are beans from a plant, when they are processed they are called cocoa beans. To make chocolate you take the cacao beans and roast them. Then you crack the shells and grind them into paste. Then you add butter, sugar, vanilla and milk.

Chocolate is not very but it can be healthy. An example of a not healthy bar is a Hersheys milk chocolate bar. In a one and a half ounce bar there is 235 calories,13 grams of fat and 22.7 grams of sugar. Dark chocolate is healthier than milk chocolate. Dark chocolate may actually help prevent heart disease.


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chocolate is awesome!

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Why it sure is but pie is better

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i like coco