EDU 210  

Module 9
Megan Nettleton

Scroll through the above pictures to see the five different apps I picked

iOS Applications In the Classroom

Test Your English (Grammar)

The first iOS app that I chose was "Test Your English (Grammar). This app allows students the opportunity to test the English grammar skills and will correct you if you are making any mistakes. For the price of $1.99, this app would come of great use for students who may not have English as their first language. It would provide them with the chance to practice their English in a way that allows for communication through technology. It also provides a setting where that students may feel less awkward about not being able to speak fluent, or perfect English.

Geometry Formulas

The second app, "Geometry Formulas" allows for students to have access to all of the math formulas that they need to do their math homework. Essentially this is an app that provides a cheat sheet to math formulas. While this wouldn't be allowed in a test environment, teachers usually have to hand out at least one sheet with math formulas on it at the beginning of every semester. Instead of wasting paper, this app for $2.99 provides all of the formulas that any student would need, right at the tips of their fingers. In addition to being environmentally friendly, students will likely always have a device that supports iOS, so they would always have access to these formulas where ever they go. This makes completing homework a whole lot easier!

Early Literacy Skills Builder

The third app that I chose was the "Early Literacy Skills Builder" app. While this software comes at a hefty price ($449.00 for the full version), it offers a lot of beneficial components. It is designed to help students who haven't developed thier printing and phonetic awareness skills yet. It is designed so that students can create their own person on the software, and complete lessons, assignments as well as practice using flashcards to improve their literacy skills. While the full version is quite expensive, there is a free version that offers the same set up, but with 1 lesson from two different levels, rather than all 7 levels of lessons. This would be very beneficial for students who struggle with their literacy skills, or who may be a bit behind with them for whatever reason.

Flashcard Hero

This app allows students to create their own flashcards from which they can study. It organizes them into separate piles within the app, so that they can easily access their study materials. This would be beneficial to students, especially in High School, to help them study for their exams. For $9.99 (although there is a free version that allows for a smaller amount of flashcards), this app facilitates studying through the use of technology. In addition to this, it would be very easy to create flashcards based off of a teachers class notes, if they are posted to a web page, because you would be able to copy and paste them into "Flashcard Hero" and begin to study.

Typing Fingers

The fifth and final app that I have chosen for this assignment is "Typing Fingers". This app allows students to practice their typing skills in a fun and interactive way, and only costs $4.99. While it encourages students to practice their typing, it also teaches them to correct the way that they are typing. This would be extremely helpful at an Elementary School level, as most children in K-3 don't spend too much time typing. It would be a great, interactive and educational way to teach them how to do it write from the beginning.

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