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What you should know when dealing with Landlords!

Nova Scotia Residential Tendencies Facts:

- Security deposits can only be up to one-half of one month's rent. If there are damages and your landlord decides to keep your security deposit, they may not do so unless you agree in writing. Your landlord is required to return your deposit to you within 10 days of the last day of your tenancy.

- A landlord can ask you to provide post-dated cheques for your rent, but a landlord cannot ask you to pay more than one month of rent at a time.

- If the landlord does not provide you with a copy of the lease you have signed, you may give a written notice to the landlord to end the tenancy, and leave. You must leave within three months of giving this notice.

- You may not withhold rent payments to encourage the landlord to make repairs or to take other action.

- Once your rent is 15 days late, your landlord may give you a 15 day Notice to Quit. This notice means that if you don't pay your rent within those 15 days, you will have to leave on the date shown on the notice.

- Rent can only be increased once in a 12-month period, on the anniversary date of the tenancy. Notice of a rent increase must be given in writing and must state the amount of the increase and the date the rent will go up. Landlords must give you four months notice if you're in a year-to-year lease.

- A landlord is not permitted to turn off the heat to a unit, even if there is rent owing or another dispute. The landlord is not permitted to disconnect other utilities (electricity, water, cable for example) included in the lease.

- A landlord may only enter the rented premises if: there is an emergency, the landlord has given written notice that he or she will be entering the premises and the entry is during daylight hours, A Notice to Quit has been given by the landlord, or the tenant and entry is made during daylight hours to show the premises to prospective tenants or purchasers.

- You do not need to give a reason to end a lease at the end of a term!

All information has been gathered from: http://www.novascotia.ca/sns/access/land/residential-tenancies.asp

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