Lion (Panthera leo)

Lions live in the African Serengeti and southern Africa. They spend about 20 hours per day sleeping and the rest of the day eating or walking. Lions are the most social of the wild felines and males may form prides, which consist of several females and their cubs.

Lions are symbolic animals that are disappearing from Earth.

Interesting Facts

Some mature males can exceed 550 pounds, making it the second largest living cat in the world. Until about 10,000 years ago, the lion was the largest widespread land animal after humans. However, humans have caused a substantial decline in lion populations due to habitat loss and poaching over the last two decades. Lions are primarily nocturnal and mainly sleep during the day. Eight subspecies of lions are recognized today, including the West African lion and the Cape lion. Lions have been known to breed with tigers to create a hybrid, known as a "liger" or a "tiglon." The lion is the tallest of all living cats at the shoulder.

Zoos in the United States where Lions are Found

Lions can be found in most large and small zoos or animal parks. Most notably, lions are found at the Philadelphia, Denver, and San Diego Zoos.

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