French newsletter, le 1er avril--Poisson d'avril!
The next Table française will be le jeudi 9 avril, 17h30-18h30 (Duke 307)

Roussillon (taken by J. Starmer)

Find out more about le Poisson d'avril:

A gaggle of geese....check out these groups of animals, en français!

If spring has you thinking about gardening, here is some gardening vocabulary in French:

Spelling in French is difficult, even for the French!

Do you like George Clooney? Do you know who the French "equivalent" of George Clooney is?  Topito presents its list of equivalent French and American actors:

Take a trip around the (Francophone world)--by reading short biographies of French-speaking children:

Listen to a story (in English) about news in Franglais at a radio station in Louisiana:

Take a virtual trip with Paris Breakfasts to the north of France--a tea salon in Lille!