Buying Cocktail Dresses For Plus Size Women – Four Indispensible Tips

When full figured women venture out to buy cocktail dresses, they usually have to put up with disappointment. Most dress designers and clothing stores stock outfits that are otherwise very stylish and classy, but would simply look bad on a plus size body. But a girl has got-to-have a stunning dress to wear at a party. You really don’t need to lose hope and go for loose and flabby gowns that will make you look even more bulky. Use these tips and buy the best cocktail dresses for a plus size woman that will definitely show off your assets in the best possible light.

A three-fourth length sleeve might be a good idea

While we all wish to wear those sleeveless dresses on party nights to draw attention to our upper bodies, going for a cocktail dress with a three-fourth length sleeve might do wonders in hiding that extra flab on your arms. This will help minimise the visual effect of your arms and draw attention to your curves that need to be flaunted. However, if sleeved cocktail dresses are not your thing, you can still go ahead and look fabulous in sleeveless outfits. Just ensure that the strap on the dress is broader which will, in turn, make your shoulders look narrower. This simple trick can really spice up your look with a great plus size cocktail dress.

Say goodbye to ruffles of any kind

Plus size cocktail dresses with ruffles are a strict no-no. Remember that even if something is in style right now, it might not necessarily work for your body type. Ruffles on these types of dresses, for example, are not something you want to wear as they add a lot of bulk to the frame. Understand that the whole idea here is to define your curves and not make them look bigger. Ruffles will end up adding more bulk to your body shape which is something you want to avoid. The dress you choose should have strategic accents that nip at the waist and make your hips look less defined.

Don’t forget to accessorise

Jewelry and accessories is your best friends’ girl! Don’t ever forget them when trying to create complete outfit with a cocktail dress for plus size woman. A wide, chunky belt is just the thing to define your waist. Pair it with wrap-around plus size cocktail dresses or an A-line skirt. This helps create the illusion of an hourglass shape. A pair of spanx and a good bra can work wonders with your figures, muting areas that need to be de-emphasized and accentuating those which need to be flaunted.

The case of the little black dress

We have all heard that a good way to silhouette your plus size figure is to wear black, full length, cocktail dresses. But for those of you who covert that little black dress in your wardrobe, all is not lost. You too can pull off the outfit, just make sure that it falls right at the knee.

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