Flash Of The Fluro Ball

Don't Let The Ball Get Yo'll


I’m seeing my fierce opponent swaying side to side staring me in thee eyes. I’m smelling the disgusting sweat up my powerful nose.I’m hearing the crowd screaming at the top of their lungs my parents yelling go go go. I’m feeling so nervous as I’m waiting anxiously for my powerful challenger. Up close I can see my opponents muscles tense up but when i look into there eyes they look determined to smash me to pieces. I’m feeling the grip on my tennis racket I’m holding crazy tight ready to smash the ball.I see the beast staring at me in thee eyes. Up close I can see fluro yellow hair on the sphere ball. I hear the crowd go bonkers and holler ear-splittingly.I feel tormented as I lay eyes on my opposer. I’m feeling nervous.

I’m staring at the sweaty water flicking like a spiral coming off the supersonic ball. I’m listening to the astonishing crowd yelling my name ferociously almost chanting. I can smell the horrible sweat from my t-shirt. I feel my racket getting forced back and whoosh the ball flies away. I feel delighted that the ball has been sent away at supersonic speed. I’m tasting the disgraceful sweat in my desert dry mouth. Up close I can see fear in my opponents eyes.Up close I see the fast ball.

I’m surveying my oppositions face crushed like an insect from my astonishingly powerful hit. I’m hearing the frightened crowd yelling aaaooooohhhhhh from the top of there lungs. I’m feeling that adrenaline pumping through my veins. Now I feel disappointed in myself for wrecking my opponent. I taste sweat and saliva in my mouth it tastes disgusting. I can smell sweat it’s so gross smelling it makes me want to throw. Up close I’m seeing his teeth missing and blood through his mouth.

By Corban

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